Commotion in Altsasu: Iñaki Abad, whose mobile phone video disproved the official version of events, is taken to Madrid by Guardia Civil

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Photo: Iñaki Abad turning himself over (Credit: Vilaweb)

By Vilaweb Staff Writers

From 5th June 2018

The official version of events, asserted by the Guardia Civil and the Spanish prosecutor’s office, of what went on at the now infamous Altsasu bar fight which was putting the young defendants at risk of very long prison terms (and, several of them long pre-trial detentions), was dismantled by images which were broadcast not long ago by EiTB [Basque National Television]. These were from video that one of the accused, Iñaki Abad, recorded of the Civil Guard sergeant involved in the bar brawl, who said that he had been “brutally beaten”, and thrown to the ground by many people. In the images, on the other hand, the sergeant is shown, wearing a collared white shirt, completely clean and well-presented, without a drop of blood, or a single mark.

Iñaki Abad was on pre-trial probation, but today in the morning the Civil Guard took him to Madrid, under the pretext that he might be a flight risk, and imprisoned him, despite there being no final sentence pronounced in the case so far.  This is the moment he was so that he may be imprisoned even though there is no final sentence. This is the moment when it is delivered, amid demonstrations of support from neighbors:

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