A CDR identifies someone removing yellow ribbons as a police officer

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Photo: Screen capture from video (Credit: @CDRSVMontalt)

By Directe.cat

From 11 June 2018

“After decorating the NII all morning, we received a video of a fascist policeman destroying all this work.” This is how the CDR (Committee for the Defense of the Republic) of Sant Vicenç de Montalt has responded to a video in which a unionist can be seen removing yellow ribbons which symbolize the desire for freedom of political prisoners, in the Maresme.

This man, identified by the Committee as an agent of one of the security corps, had dedicated himself to undoing the work of several CDRs and members of the ANC in the area. That is why in its publication via social networks, the Sant Vicenç de Montalt Committee ensured to tag the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan Police) and Interior Minister Miquel Buch, in order to prompt them to take measures.

In the images, it can be seen how the unionist man puts the yellow ribbons in the trunk of his car (before he is reproached by the person who is recording the action, who asks him why he wants to remove symbols that do not affect any of his rights), where it can be seen that already has more yellow ribbons and that this was therefore not the first such incident.

Original Link: http://www.directe.cat/noticia/777523/video-un-cdr-identifica-com-a-policia-un-unionista-que-arrencava-llacos-grocs-al-maresme