Argentine justice allows Gustau Muñoz’s family’s lawsuit against Spain to proceed

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Photo (credit: Vilacat)

The Argentinian justice system has allowed the complaint by the family of Gustau Muñoz, who was murdered by the Spanish police during the National Day of Catalonia in 1978, to move forward. The complaint is against the Spanish state and has been drafted by the lawyer for Casal Argentí de Barcelona (Ed: Argentinian/Catalan non profit organisation) in Buenos Aires, Alejandro Nato. It argues that murder is a crime against humanity and, therefore, the statute of limitations does not expire, and it accuses the Spanish political authorities as well as the individual perpetrators.

In addition, it requires the Spanish Court which closed the case to submit to Argentina all the documentation on the case and also demands that it locates José Luís Varela, the police officer that killed Gustau Muñoz, and forces him to give evidence.

Courtroom number 4 of the federal chamber of criminal cassation has taken over the case. The family and the legal team are now waiting for Judge Dra. Servini de Cubría to dictate what steps must be followed.

El Casal views the judicial decision as the opening of ‘criminal proceedings to judge the crimes of Spain during the post-Franco period, since the murder of Gustau Muñoz meets all the characteristics of a crime against humanity, and therefore is extraterritorial and unexpirable.’

On the other hand, he considers that it is a victory for international law, which shows that the current Spanish state and its institutions are a legal and political continuity of Franco’s dictatorship.

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