The Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) accuses the City Council of employing “racist criteria” in order to ensure safety this Sunday in Barcelona

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Photo: Rally for Spanish unity in Plaça Sant Jaume (Credit: @aramateix)

Who decided on the security operation?, asked the CUP Councillor in Barcelona City Council, ​​Eulàlia Reguant. She criticized the fact that in the rally supporting the sit-in for migrants this Sunday in Barcelona there were riot police from Barcelona city’s police force, the Guàrdia Urbana, while at the “fascist” concentration in Plaça Sant Jaume there was only the same police presence “as on any normal day”.

“We ask ourselves if Barcelona City Council considers migrants to be dangerous and does not see the occupation of public space by the extreme right as a danger,” urged Reguant to the media at Plaça Sant Jaume. On Sunday, during the rally convened by the Coordinator of Tabarnia and in which members of ultra-right groups could be found, a group of unionists provoked disturbances in the same square because of the yellow bow on the town hall.

Reguant is worried about the fact that “fascism is occupying the streets with impunity and without control”.

For this reason, the CUP demands the City Council develop clear and convincing protocols to deal with it. “We must start tackling this, not because of the struggle for symbols, but because of the use of public spaces by fascist groups,” the councillor said.

In this regard, he recalled that the City Council approved a proposal to promote the anti-fascist struggle in the street, in which one of the points was the ban on the use of public space by fascist groups.

The City Council launches legal proceedings because of the disturbances against the yellow bow.

After the avalanche of criticism, Barcelona City Council has opened legal proceedings for the disturbances against the yellow ribbon. This was announced by the first Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello, who condemned the “unacceptable shoving” by some Spanish protesters on agents of the Guardia Urbana and said “as a result of these events, people were identified by police”. Pisarello has argued that the yellow ribbon was taken off “for security reasons” for 10 minutes.

Òmnium Cultural demands that violence in Plaça Sant Jaume be condemned

On the other hand, Òmnium Cultural has called on all parliamentary groups to condemn the “violent” actions in Plaça Sant Jaume this Sunday. According to Mauri, it is “dangerous” that there are “violent” actions carried out by people who are trying to prevent some sectors of citizens from being able to express themselves “freely.”

The vice president of the cultural entity made these statements after meeting with the President of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, this Monday morning to address the common front in defense of “fundamental” rights and freedoms.

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