Carrefour offers nationalist hampers and titles them “go get ‘em!”

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Photo: Carrefour sales Flyer (Credit: El Periodico)

By Gerard Sesé

From 25th May, 2018

An oversight, or bad intentions? It remains unclear, but what is clear is that the Product Management department of French supermarket chain Carrefour have clearly not been keeping close watch on the tense political situation between Catalonia and the Spanish state in recent months. They are being torn apart across social media today, and inundate with assertions from Catalans that they will no longer set foot in their branches.

The supermarket launched a few special offer “hampers”, including Spanish national clothing, merchandise and food products.  No surprise here, considering the supermarket, like many, is taking advantage of the football World Cup this summer to pull patriotic heart strings to increase sales.

The problem is that these hampers have been title “A por ellos” (go get ‘em), which was a slogan popularized by Spanish citizens outside of Catalonia, cheering the Guardia Civil agents from their regions heading off to Catalonia, to prevent Catalan citizens from voting peacefully, in October of last year.  The same Guardia Civil and National Police agents who became known for causing over 1000 injuries to Catalan citizens on October 1st alone.

In addition to including a leg of ham, the hampers being offered by Carrefour include things like Spanish flags, Spanish flag capes, and blank white haps with red and yellow fabric markers for inscribing them.

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