Canet de Mar City Council unanimously condemns the fascist attack against members of the Committee for the Defence of the Republic (CDR)

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Photo: Moment of the attack against members of the CDR from Canet de Mar (Credit: DiariAra)

By Xavi Tedò

From 25th May, 2018

Canet de Mar City Council unanimously passed a motion tonight which “forcefully” condemns Monday afternoon’s attack by 15 ultras on CDR members (Ed: Committee for the Defence of the Republic: citizen-led activist group) from the town. The members who were attacked had installed yellow crosses on the beach to defend “freedom” and denounce the “death of democracy”. The text, which was supported by the seventeen council representatives, including votes in favour from the two Popular Party (PP) councillors, urges the municipal legal services to study “the possibility of reporting to the police these aggressions that citizens of the town suffered at the hands of radicals, in order to end the impunity with which they are able to commit such actions.”

Mayor of the town, Blanca Ardell (ERC), was very pleased that this consensus could finally be reached “for Canet’s sake” and regretted that “people from outside come to disturb the peace of the town”. The Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) party Councillor, Marc Jiménez, one of the three people attacked by the Segadors del Maresme, the brigade which cleans independentist symbols and posters in the region and which subsequently defended its actions, claims that the motion has been “totally decaffeinated”. The councillor, who has already filed a complaint with Catalan police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, for injuries and theft along with two other members of the CDR, recognizes that “unity is needed”, but, “above all, firmness against intolerant people.”

The motion, driven by the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) party, was agreed by the different groups with the aim of being passed with no votes against. For this reason, the text calls, at the request of the PP, to “reduce tension” and work for “civility, dialogue and tolerance” in the municipality. A call with which the CUP agrees, although it considers that this can only be done when the application of article 155 is suspended. However, the fact that the Popular Party councillors ceded and agreed to speak of “political prisoners” made the CUP representative validate the text, despite stating his disagreement with the fact that the PP, the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC) and the Independents for Canet (closely related to the Union party) changed “extreme right-wing radical groups” from the original text for “radicals”, without specifying the area of the political spectrum to which they belong.

The second deputy mayor of the municipality, Lluís Llovet (ERC), admitted during the vote that the motion is not what the Republicans had initially set out. “We have tried to reach a consensus because we believe that Canet can demonstrate that parties going from the right to the left can state that violence is not the solution,” he justified. For his part, the PP spokesman, José Antonio Romero, made it clear that “all violent attacks must be eradicated from society” and was in favour of trying to “lower the tension in the streets”, although recognizing that his party has a different perspective from the other parties in the plenary. In this sense, he opted to make an effort at a municipal level, since in other areas “it seems this is not possible”. Sílvia Tamayo (PSC) said that the purpose of this motion is to “set an example”, because elected officials have an obligation to ensure coexistence and respect.

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