The European Commission asks Spain to use the EuroOrder in an ‘appropriate, legal and transparent’ manner

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Photo: European Commissioner for Justice, Vera Jourová (Credit: Vilaweb)

By Catalan News Agency

From May 28th, 2018

European Commissioner for Justice, Vera Jourová, said she was ‘confident’ that the member states of the European Union use the EuroOrder in an ‘appropriate, legal and transparent’ manner. “This is what we expect from all the actors in this specific case,” she added, when asked about European arrest warrants issued by Spanish justice against exiled, Catalan pro-independence politicians.

In the context of the presentation of a report which addresses citizen perceptions of judicial independence in the 28 member states – which ranked Spain in sixth from last position – Jourová remarked that what the European Commission “wants” to happen in states “including Spain”, is for there to be “judicial independence, impartial and free of political interference”. In response to a question from a journalist, who asked her how to explain to Spanish citizens that a politician accused of a “serious” crime might seek refuge or exile in another member state, the Czech Euro Commissioner clarified that “this has to be explained by the politicians of the state in question.” However, she also said that “there is a strong interest in there being sufficient confidence such that the decisions of one court can be recognized in another”. “We hope the Spanish government and Spanish justice overcome these difficult situations so that the European Commission and others can trust them,” she said.

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