Spanish National Court issues an international arrest warrant for rapper Valtonyc

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Photo: Valtonyc (Credit: Vilaweb)

By Vilaweb Staff Writers
From May 24th, 2018

The Spanish court has issued an international and European arrest warrant for rapper Valtònyc after it emerged yesterday [May 23rd, 2018] that he had left Spain and avoided entering prison today. Valtonyc’s support group said today, in a statement, that they cannot confirm whether or not the rapper is in Belgium, as some sources have told VilaWeb. This is what Mulay Embarek, one of the members of the support group said, Wednesday, after several media outlets had reported he had gone abroad.

Valtònyc left to go into exile just before the term the Spanish National Court had given him in which to turn himself in to prison. This expired today. According to VilaWeb, he went to Belgium days ago. He was to turn himself in, to comply with a sentence of three and a half years for incitement to terrorism and serious injuries to the Spanish crown, said to be caused by lyrics of his songs.

Valtònyc’s movements were carefully watched by the Spanish police, which had required airlines to inform them of all the trips made by the rapper outside Mallorca.

On several occasions, the rapper had said he would not voluntarily enter jail. This afternoon, he made it clear that he would disobey because he believes that it is legitimate and obligatory to stand up ‘against this fascist state.’ ‘No one turns themselves in here,’ he added.

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