Mother of CDR youth in Esplugues, sought by the Civil Guard: “Those who accuse him of terror are those committing it”

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Photo: The letter from Adrià’s mother (Credit: CCMA)


From 16th May 2018

Since April 10th a search and capture warrant has been active for a member of the CDR [Ed: Committee for the Defense of the Republic – self-organised pacifist grassroots activism groups] from Esplugues de Llobregat. Adrià, 25, is accused of rebellion and terrorism. His mother, Núria, spoke for the first time through a letter which was read out on El matí de Catalunya Ràdio (Morning on Catalonia Radio).

The letter from Nuria begins: “They say that my son is a terrorist. They want to arrest my son because they say he is a terrorist, it’s a nightmare I can’t wake up from.” For five weeks [at the time of printing] she has not seen her son, she explains, and as a mother, feels helpless and disconcerted, and misses him dearly. But she also wants to move his case forward and report what she considers to be a great injustice, which could end affecting many other members of the CDRs.

His mother argues that her son is “a committed and active kid, who led a totally normal life” until the Civil Guard knocked at the door of his house.

Now, on the other hand, she says, it is hard for her to imagine her son’s future, and, in addition, that of her family, and she wants her message to reach far and wide, because she recognizes that in the current political climate, “what has happened to our family, could happen to thousands of families across the country.”

In the letter, Adrià’s mother bravely states that “those who accuse her son of terrorism are in fact those committing it”.

Below is translated English text, from Núria’s original, and the Catalan audio, read out on El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio, can be heard here:

“They say that my son is a terrorist. They want to arrest my son because they say he is a terrorist, it’s a nightmare I can’t wake up from.

I am not an expert in law or the criminal code, but from a logical and common sense point of view, terrorism has to do with terror.

And I can confirm there certainly is terror in this situation. Those who accuse my son of terror, are those who are committing it.

It’s terror when they enter our home, our intimate space, early in the morning, warning that they’ll break the door down.

It’s terror when they explore all the corners of our house, our privacy, looking for who knows what, telling me to “just cooperate, ma’am, cooperate”.

It’s terror when upon finding rope in your son’s room, and I explain its innocent use, they write on the evidence list that they found “wicks and fuses”.  Powerlessness.

It’s terror when, whilst they treat me with manners and politeness, I know they know the are ruining my life, and that nothing will be the same.

It is terror when they shake my hand upon leaving, but label me the “mother of a terrorist”. This is cruelty, cynicism.

It is terror when you realise that those who are supposed to protect you from the worst dangers accuse you of something that is not true, that you have not done, leaving you helpless, exposed, singled out and vulnerable.

It’s terror when, knowing the truth, you are made to feel you have no options.

It is terror when in a random, gratuitous, insensitive, aggressive and intentional way you are used as a scapegoat, to frighten the rest of civil society.

It’s terror when with the power of a lightning bolt to the head, they do not kill you, but they try to destroy your child, you and the ones you love most. Your people.

When words like injustice, brutality, manipulation, violence, disproportionality and terror all fall short, it is clear that the problem is immense.

I could never have imagined that something like this could happen to us or could happen to my son.

We are people of peace and solidarity, committed to vocations which serve others. Its as if we have been given a great slap with a well-word hand, to try to shake those values and principles from us, which we have been forging for generations, and protecting as we would  a great treasure.

And when I start to see the edge of the abyss, I think of the future and my noble injured son, I find many other pairs of hands, injured, but courageous and determined, reach out to turn my regard to the sky.

I will never be able to thank you all enough.

Injecting the poison of fright and pain is foolish … what they don’t understand is that we can transform this poison into an elixir of life, dignity, hopes and dreams. “

Five weeks ago, the Civil Guard appeared in Viladecans and Esplugues de Llobregat with two arrests of two members of the local CDRs. In Viladecans Tamara Carrasco was arrested: they woke her up, slipping into her house and then they took her in a van to the National Court of Madrid, accused of rebellion and terrorism.

In Esplugues they wanted to arrest Adrià, accused of the same crimes. They entered his house, in front of his parents, and they turned the house upside down, but he was not there. Five weeks have elapsed and the arrest warrant is in vigour.

On the same day, a group of citizens mobilized on social networks under the hashtag #AdriEtVolemACasa (Adrià we want you home), # Esplugues08949 or #CDREsplugues and assembled at the Town Hall of the city to enter a plenary sessions and denounce the arrests and accusations.

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