VIDEOS: Five injured in a unionist attack at a Maresme beach

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Photo: The group of unionists, removing the yellow crosses from the beach in Canet (Credit: Nacio Digital)

By Nacio Digital

From May 21st, 2018

This is the latest violent action against the movement showing solidarity with political prisoners. Thirty unionists, some of them hooded, or wearing hats, appeared at the Canet de Mar beach, removing the yellow crosses that the grassroots Committee for the Defense of the Republic (CDR) of the municipality had installed, to show solidarity with Catalan political prisoners. The CDR, ERC (Republican Leftist Party) and Alerta Solidaria have reported that the attack resulted in five wounded, one of whom is a councilor for the Popular Unity Candidacy party (CUP), Marc Jiménez.

In statements to TV3, Jiménez asserted that the people who took the crosses had thrown him to the ground and a man had put a cross over his neck so that he could not move. At the same time, he reported that, while he was still immobile, others punched and kicked him. He said that, among those who assembled on the beach, there were supporters of the Ciutadans (Citizens) party. This was later denied by Albert Rivera’s party.

It emerged that some of the unionists used Catalan independence flags [Estelades] in order to hide their identity and cause confusion, once images were disseminated. The ten or so pro-independence supporters on the beach – three of whom were injured and transferred to a health center – have identified some of the attackers, since in the videos they can be heard to call each other by name.

The CDR of Canet de Mar has denounced the events through social networks and this evening [May 21st, 2018] called for a large gathering in front of the city council hall, to “reject fascist aggression”. Meanwhile, the Canet Town Council (a coalition of the Republican Left, Socialists and Pro-Independence local party Independents-Som Canet) condemned the events on their official Twitter account. “We condemn the intrusion and violence against people who were peacefully defending a reminder that you can be deprived of your freedom because of your ideas in this country”.

The mayor of Canet de Mar, Blanca Arbell, has already said that the City Council is considering submitting a complaint against the aggressors. Speaking to Catalunya Ràdio, Arbell described the attackers as fascist radicals “who believe they can go unpunished, seek out confrontation, and they should not be given this pleasure.”

Videos of some of the incidents, taken by bystanders, can be seen on twitter:

Several groups have called for large a concentration of protest against the attack at nine in the evening in front of the City Council of Canet. The reactions of condemnation didn’t take long to roll in, and included words from the President-in-Exile, Carles Puigdemont.

This wasn’t the only violent unionist action of the day, sadly. This morning, five women ripped down part of the signage from the front of the Catalan government’s delegation in Brussels.


Update: Rejection of the attacks

Hundreds of people manifested during the afternoon of this Monday [May 21st] in Canet, to show their rejection of the attacks suffered at the hands of the unionist extremists. One of the injured participated in the ceremony and asked those present not to allow themselves to be provoked.

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