Key witness in sedition case is Citizens Party supporter, and follows Spanish extremist pages

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Photo: A group followed by the court clerk from Barcelona, now a key witness in the sedition cases against the leadership of the Mossos, ANC and Omnium, former consellers and other Catalan politicians. The Spanish National Unity group. (Credit:

By Patricia López & Carlos Enrique Bayo

From May 21, 2018

She is the key witness in the sedition case against the ex-Police Chief,  Josep Lluis Trapero and Teresa Laplana, both commanders of the Mossos d’Esquadra [Catalan Police]; the leaders of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Òmnium, Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart; the government of Carles Puigdemont and other Catalan politicians such as Mireia Boya and Ana Gabriel of the CUP or Marta Rovira of ERC. And she is also a fervent follower of Spanish ultranationalist pages, such as the Spanish National Unity, Leridanos against independence, or the party encouraging the hardest application of article 155, Ciudadanos.

María, a fictitious name to protect her anonymity, is the court clerk of investigative court number 13 in Barcelona, ​​which leads the case against the independence process, ever since the ERC’s deputy and judge Santiago Vidal said that the Generalitat had had access to the finance data of all Catalans. It was she who wrote the report which kicked off the case of sedition in the National Court, after September 20 was the day she felt the “greatest shame and humiliation to be forced to escape like a criminal.”

Photo: The court clerk’s facebook profile (redacted – Credit:

Her testimony, along with that of Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Baena – better known as Tácito on Twitter and the instructor of the court 13, the National High Court and the Supreme Court – have been supporting the entire process against Catalan separatists since 2016, before the events at the Ministry of Economy and the referendum of October 1st.

No socialists, or pro-independence parties: only the Citizens Party

The defense team questions her testimony, since a brief examination of her social media profiles reveals her “open animosity to political representatives who do not share the same concept of Spain and coexistence between Spaniards.”

For example, the court clerk is a follower of a specific group of the Citizens Party in which she actively participates. This group profile includes statements from [Citizens leader] Albert Rivera with comments such as this one, which said: “The PSOE blocks budgets, do not raise pensions, do not increase paternity permits, there is no #Equalization, Albert Rivera warns: ‘Spaniards are NOT stupid. They know who is thinking about their country, and who is thinking only of their seats.’”  Maria was the first and only follower of Citizens to show their agreement with this message, with a facebook “like”.

Photo 3: A message on the Ciudatans Party facebook page, criticising the Socialist Party (Credit:

Photo 4: A “like” relating to the message criticising the Socialists, on the court clerk’s facebook page (Credit:

These examples of her affinities are the most “centrist”, because among the pages and groups followed by Maria, there are many groups which could only be described as from the far right.

Anti-independence and extreme right groups

Two pages in particular stand out for their extremism or animosity against the independence ideology: Spanish National Unity and Leridanos Against Independence.

Photo 5: Groups followed by the court clerk on facebook (credit:

In the case of Spanish National Unity, its messages stand out, for the frequent mixing of “blood” and patriotic slogans.  This is an example: “With two drops of blood and a ray of sunshine, God made a flag and gave it to a Spaniard.”

Photo 6: Group followed on Facebook by the key witness. (Credit:

The lack of objectivity shown by the Facebook profile of the court secretary, key witness in the case that Carmen Lamela instructs in the National Court and whose testimony has also been requested by the Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena for the charges of rebellion, adds to that also demonstrated by Publico about Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Baena (Tácito on Twitter), who announced to politicians that he would later arrest them, that they were going to be accused of sedition, or sent messages like this: “Put the ballot boxes down, on the floor, slowly, and your hands behind your head. ”

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