Two councilors of the CUP in Ripollès disobey and do not appear in court

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Photo: The 5 local politicians being investigated (Credit: Ajuntament de Campdevànol)

By Isaac Muntadas, Nació Digital
From 26th April, 2018

Two councilors of the Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) in El Ripollès have disobeyed orders to appear before a judge for initial statements, for having allegedly blocked the border road of the Ares hill during the general strike on November 8th 2018. Two mayors from the Republican Left Party (ERC) and a Republican councilor, on the other hand, appeared in court but exercised their right not make a declaration.

The five accused elected officials are Mayoress of Pardines, Núria Pérez (ERC); the mayor of Vallfogona, Carme Freixa (ERC); the councilor of Ripoll, Roger Bosch (ERC); the councilor of Ripoll, Santi Llagostera (CUP); and the councilor of the CUP in Campdevànol, Mariona Baraldés.

The two councilors of the CUP, despite not attending the court, participated in the manifestation of support that was held outside the court of the capital of the Ripollès.

The three councilors from the ERC who did attend court came out after just over forty minutes and refused to make statements. Their lawyer, Joan Boix, spoke on behalf of all three elected officials, and explained that they were enacting their right to remain silent. Boix explained that they have already requested the dismissal of the case because “there is no element of their activity which constitutes a crime, or criminal activity”.

They are being investigated for a criminal offense of disobedience, public disorder and coercion. However, Boix explained that the Mossos (Catalan Police) brought the matter to trial in case a possible crime of public disorder had been committed but he asserted that this crime is irrelevant in this case because it demands that there be violence or collusion between several people.” “The statement regarding what too place on that day speaks of a gathering, a festive, playful, picnic-style event, ” he explained.

Photo: The roadblock at Coll d’Ares during the general strike of the 8th of November, 2018 (Credit: CDR Ripoll)

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