Harsh punishment for Jordi Sànchez in prison, for recording campaign message

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Photo: Jordi Sànchez, shown at a meeting of Junts per Catalunya (Credit: Nacio Digital)

By Nacio Digital staff writers
From 24th April, 2018

A severe punishment has been doled out to Jordi Sànchez for participating in the 21st December election campaign. The former president of the ANC recorded an audio message from prison, which was broadcast during the central event of the Junts per Catalunya campaign (JxCat). This Tuesday, via Twitter, the number two of Carles Puigdemont’s party made the punishment public, from behind bars in Soto del Real.

As Sánchez relates, he has been punished by being unable to communicate with Nuri Guillaumes, the person who recorded the conversation, for 6 months. He has also been relocated to a different prison cell block, and will now undergo 18 hours of isolation daily, for a month.

Penitentiary institutions’ denial

The administration which controls prisons throughout Spain has denied this version of events from the former President of the National Assembly. According to the press sources in Europe, who have been made aware of the sanctions, Sánchez was punished with a month without recreational activities rather than 18 hours between bars every day.

It is not the first time that the former president of the Assembly has had to face reprisals in the prison. His lawyer, Jordi Pina, has already reported that he had been moved cell block during the election campaign and Elsa Artadi also related that neither the campaign team or his family could speak with Sánchez during that time.

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