Basque television shows new video which disproves Guardia Civil claims in Altsasu claims

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Photo: Video screenshot by witness Iñaki Abad

By Vilaweb Staff Writers

From 26th April

Basque public television EITB has issued a video from the Altsasu case which dispoves the version of events recounted by one of the civil guards. The images, from the night of the incident in front of the Koxka bar, were recorded by Iñaki Abad, one of the prosecuted youngsters for whom the prosecution has asked for fifty years in prison. Although initially opposed, a few days ago the court accepted the video into evidence.

The Sergeant of the Civil Guard involved in the bar fight said he was “brutally” beaten on the ground by many people. But in the images recorded after the alleged aggression, the sergeant is seen with a totally clean white collared shirt, without any blood, scratches, or marks. In addition, an agent of Civil Guard is seen striking Iñaki Abad with his hand, whilst he records the events, which was hitherto not being prevented by any of the Guardia Civil present.

Doctors do not support the GC version either
At the meeting yesterday two doctors made statements that the testimonies offered by the Civil Guard officers and their partners did not correspond to the injuries included in the medical reports. All four said that in the aggressions ‘between 20 and 25 people’ participated and that they were beaten ‘brutally’ so as to cause serious injuries and even a broken ankle (suffered by a Lieutenant of the Guardia Civil).

However, the doctors have stated that if it had really been such a multiple aggression, the injuries would have been much more serious. Regarding the ankle break, the doctors think that it could be caused by the “typical twisted ankle associated with falling, in which the ligaments tense and fracture the bone.”

Regarding the hematoma that the sergeant had three weeks after the incidents, the doctors said that these ‘usually lasts about ten days,’ and that it is ‘strange’ for such a thing to appear three weeks later.

The prosecutor maintains the accusation of terrorism
The Spanish Public Prosecutor, José Perals, has now elevated the initial petition against the eight youngsters of Altsasu to a definitive status and maintains the accusation of terrorism. The public prosecutor asked for penalties of between 12 and a half and 62 and a half years. The only modifications made recently were to the alternative penalties proposed. The prosecutor argued that the video contributed by the defense could have been ‘manipulated’.

After hearing the statement from the defendants, the two civil guards, their partners and several witnesses, the prosecutor emphasized that it was not a ‘bar fight’ but rather a ‘planned and organized’ aggression. The events took place on the night of October 15th, 2016 in the Navarrese town. Three of the young people have already been in custody for more than 500 days.

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