Key witness in sedition case is Citizens Party supporter, and follows Spanish extremist pages

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The court clerk who visited the Ministry of Economy on September 20th, along with the Civil Guard, by order of the court of instruction number 13, has become the key witness in the sedition case against the former Chief of the Catalan Police, the leaders of the ANC and Omnium, former counsellors and other Catalan politicians. However, her after work activity makes it clear to the defense that the witness is not neutral and that she has a clear ideological opposition to the accused.


Journalist Eduard Voltas dismantles the logic of silencing teachers

Catalan MonitorNews Roundup, Vilaweb

In an intervention on the programme “Més 3/24”, Eduard Voltas took apart the argument that “politics is not to be discussed in schools”, and compared the idea of not talking about the police violence on October 1st in schools, to remaining silent about the August 17th terrorist attacks in Barcelona.