Guardia Civil support campaign to criminalise CDRs with detentions

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Photo: Guardia Civil in archive photo (Credit: Vilaweb)

By Vilabweb Staff Writers
From 10th April, 2018

The Civil Guard is looking for a man from Esplugues de Llobregat (Baix Llobregat) related to his activity with a CDR [Ed: self-organised regional campaign group] and found he was not at home when the police entered in the early hours of the morning to arrest him, according a statement from the Public Prosecutor of the National Court. The order by the National Court was directed at this man and a woman from Viladecans (Baix Llobregat), who were being investigated because they “are alledged to have carried out management and coordination activities relating to sabotage carried out during Holy Week in a coordinated manner by the so-called CDR, conceived to bring about a climate of social turmoil”, according to the statement by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The woman, known only as T.C., was detained in Viladecans this morning [10th April] for the alleged crimes of terrorism and rebellion and will be delivered directly to the Spanish Court, according to the Civil Guard. They confiscated an agenda, a computer, a mobile phone, a wallet and diverse documentation relating to a Civil Guard installation in the region of Barcelona, ​​according to sources at the National Court. The operation has been called “Cadera” and further arrests are not being ruled out.

Before the arrest, El Confidencial as published an audio file in which, alledgedly, T.C. could be heard explaining which roads and routes the CDR wanted to disrupt.

This is the moment at which a search of the apartment of Esplugues de Llobregat is said to have taken place:

Search of an apartment in Esplugues (Credit: Vilaweb)

The Spanish Minister of Interior, José Ignacio Zoido, spoke of the Civil Guard operation. “It’s true that the charges made against them are for rebellion and terrorism. The CDR are those who started violent actions before and during October 1st”. He went on to say that “the CDRs are like the ‘Cuban committees’, that is, horizontal structures, not hierarchical.” This, he says, allows them to “penetrate the territory and infiltrate among young people easily”.

The CDR committees have responded to the operation on Twitter denouncing government oppression. ‘Solidarity, our best weapon!’ they asserted. In addition, they posted an image of a hand making a peace sign, with the statement “I am the CDR”. In addition, the group has convened a manifestation to protest the government crackdown at the Plaça de Sant Jaume in Barcelona at eight in the evening.

Mossos’ Operation results in 4 detainees
The Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan police) arrested four members of the CDR for Malgrat de Mar, Arenys de Munt, Dosrius and Solsona this morning, as reported by the police force to VilaWeb. They are accused them of public disorder offences and attacks against authority for the manifestation on January 30th, in the afternoon at the Ciutadella Park, in front of the parliament, when the inauguration of Carles Puigdemont was suspended.

Two of the detainees are member supporters of the La Forja Assocataion, in the Alt Maresme. A spokeswoman informed VilaWeb that the Mossos had arrested them in their homes at eight and nine in the morning, respectively. Both had been identified during the January 30th concentration.

‘Campaign of persecution’
JxCat, ERC and the CUP made a joint appearance to show a common front of support for the CDRs and to protest against the operation by the Civil Guard against members of these groups. Francesc de Dalmases, Ruben Wagenberg and Natàlia Sànchez denounced a ‘campaign of persecution’ against the committees and against the independence movement, and they railed against the state for “making terrorism banal”, making refenerce to the fact that this grave charge was being used to described participation in demonstration and road blockades

The three parties announced that they would negotiate a motion for resolution and presentation to parliament so that the plenary will show support for the CDR and the “peaceful demonstrations” and denounce the “criminalization of the independence movement.” They stated that by these actions, the State is showing “that democracy is unwell, in Spain”.

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