New sign in Bordils shows distances to prisons where pro-independence leaders are being held

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Photo: The new sign, on the road in Bordils (Credit: EFE)

By Diari de Girona

From 14th April, 2018

A new sign, in the style of current traffic signage has been installed by persons unknown on the main road in the town of Bordils, indicating the kilometers separating this point from the prisons where Catalan pro-independence leaders are being held, in Spain.

The new sign has appeared on kilometer 26 of the C-66, the road that connects La Bisbal d’Empordà with Girona and passes through the centre of Bordils.

The sign indicates that there are 743 kilometers between Bordils and Soto del Real, 739 to get to Estremera and 675 to Alcalá-Meco.

The Mayor of Bordils, Albert Serrats, said in a statement that the council has had nothing to do with this initiative, of which he does not know the origin, and that the city council has not received complaints or comments in favor from any residents.

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