CDR and students protest persecution of the director of Barcelona high school, for stance on Catalan language

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Photo: Catalan Police form a line between the two groups (Credit: Vilaweb)

By Vilaweb Staff Writers
From 16th April, 2018

Around one hundred students from Joan Boscà high school in Barcelona, ​​assembled at the gates of the center to show support for the director, Nacho Garcia. A few days ago, threatening tags appeared on the walls of the school, against the director. The Teachers for Bilingualism platform – whose objective is to eliminate Catalan linguistic immersion – accuses Garcia of “indoctrination” with regards to the referendum on the first of October [2017].

The president of this entity is Francisco Oya, professor of history of the same school, as of only a few months ago. Students have reported him for making xenophobic and homophobic comments in the classroom. In fact, the Department of Education is currently investigating his behavior. Since the first of October, some pro-Spain digital publications have accused the director of ‘persecuting’ the history teacher for his ideas. These same media outlets attributed the threatening graffiti against the director to students, but the fact is, that there is no evidence to support this assertion.

This afternoon, there were two concentrations at the center: one, convened by the “Defense Front of Defense of Joan Boscà” and the CDR de les Corts; the other, by Teachers for Bilingualism. The mobile brigade of the Mossos d’Esquadra was also in attendance. There was tension, but the events went off without any incident.

According to journalist Jordi Borràs, an expert in the far right, among the pro-Spain supporters gathered, was Jaime Vizern, member of [far-right party] Vox, one of the individuals who tried to enter Carles Puigdemont’s house in Waterloo, disguised as a civil guard.

The director of the school explained that he is actually a member of the [non-pro independence] Socialist Party and denied that he facilitated the opening of the high school as a polling station on the first of October. Instead, Oya accuses him of having handed over the keys. In addition, there is controversy surrounding a dossier that the professor wanted to distribute in his history class containing allegedly supremacist quotes from leaders of the pro-independence movement, which according to him to show “another side” of the movement which is not explained in textbooks. The director met with him after this content produced complaints from students, and this meeting did not go well.

The Defense Front of Joan Boscà, in a statement, said that the situation in the school was “open warfare, full of defamation, accusations and scorn” since Oya arrived, whom has been linked to far right organizations and media. He reiterated that the students are ‘fed up’ of hearing ‘homophobic, racist, xenophobic and sexist comments’ from this teacher.

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