Catalan Independence process pursues Rajoy to Argentina

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Photo: Pro-Catalonia protestors facing Mariano Rajoy (Credit: @PortalAntiCap)

By Marta Escobar Martí

From El Nacional, 12th April, 2018

Speaking out against Mariano Rajoy in Argentina, Article 155, the repression of Rajoy’s government on Catalonia, and clamouring for the freedom of political prisoners, the Argentinian Socialist Movement of Workers (MST) decided to make themselves known to Rajoy as he breakfasted with deputies of the Argentine Congress.  It was labelled a “Cataluñazo” (“a Catalan slap”) and was directed straight at the visitor from the Partido Popular.

At the entrance of the Argentine chamber of congress, with Rajoy inside, members of the MST with banners with Catalan “Esteladas” (flags of independence) and banners on which one could read “Rajoy – out”, “Long Live Catalonia” or phrases such as “national manipulation” protested against the repression by members of the Spanish government towards Catalans.

The leader of the MST, Alejandro Bodart, spoke out both against Rajoy and against the president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, and had no qualms saying “the Argentine government pays sycophantic tribute to [the Spanish president], but we the MST repudiate his visit because, in our opinion, he is a monarchist and is undemocratic, and he intervenes in Catalonia with the Francoist constitution in hand, represses its people and even imprisons officials elected by popular vote.”

Injecting some humour into the situation, they referred to the president of the state government as ‘M.Rajoy’ [Ed’s Note: referring to the “M.Rajoy” discovered in the Partido Popular evidence regarding the ‘Caja B’ corruption scandal], while the Argentine president was called “M.Macri.” Bodart also added, “like Macri, Rajoy not only defends the monarchy but also the neoliberal structural readjustment plans.”

In sharp contrast, the MST maintains that “we fight every day against these plans and in addition we defend the democratic right of the people of Catalonia to their independence”, while also demanding “that they stop pursuing the members of the Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR) and other pro-independence people”.

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