Three Nazi war criminals whom democratic Spain never extradited to Germany

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The PP party member and MEP, Esteban González Pons had the gall to write a letter to MEPs stating “No Spanish judge would dare to give refuge to a German trying to break the constitutional order” and “Spain belongs to Europe. We believe in this common European project and we are prepared to fight for it. But this Union is only possible if we can have trust between members and if we support each other when one of us is being attacked. That is what Europe means.”


Video: Group of Spanish rappers release track calling Royal Family “thieves”

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In an increasingly repressive cultural climate in Spain, and Catalonia, where Mallorcan rapper Valtonyc was recently jailed for 3.5 years for “insulting the king” in a rap song, a group of Spanish and Catalan rappers have come together to release a “solidarity download” called “The Bourbons are thieves”, about the Spanish Royal Family.