Yellow ribbon controversy in Mallorca

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Photo: A yellow ribbon painted on a wall (Credit: Vilaweb)

By Vilaweb Staff Writers

From 29th March, 2018

After the numerous demonstrations that have taken place in the Balearic Islands, from Menorca to Formentera, against therepression of the Catalan pro-independence movement, political controversy has now broken out as a result of an attempt to ban the yellow ribbon. The manager of the Rail Services of Mallorca, Mateu Capellà, has issued a letter, informing workers they cannot wear yellow ribbons at work.

In the text, he threatens the workers who do not follow the instruction with disciplinary action. The text says that “such symbology is not part of the regulation compulsory uniform of the company’. Upon the issuing of this letter, the organization Obra Cultural Balear demanded [Capellà]’s resignation. The organization Mes per Mallorca (More for Mallorca), which is part of the executive branch of the Balearic government, has warned that “no governing body with our support will limit the freedom of public employees” and made a statement to the effect that the instruction of the letter ought to be corrected.

In order to play down the controversy, the Minister of Territory and Mobility, Marc Pons, explained that the technicians who drafted the letter on behalf of Capellà had made an “error of interpretation”.


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