National television of Luxembourg and ‘France Soir’, surprised by participation of ultra-right wing party in case against Catalans

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Photo: France Soir website screenshot, leading story on Catalonia

By Gemma Liñán

From March 28th 2018

Luxembourgish National television (RTL) and the France Soir newspaper expressed at the participation of the extreme right in the judicial persecution against the Catalan Government.

In an documentary piece entitled “the extreme right is involved in the persecution of the pro-independence movement,” both the television and the newspaper in question said that “the small extreme right party, Vox, founded four years ago, has been added to the complainant side of the case”.

They went on to explain that this is a peculiarity of the Spanish judicial system, which allows an individual or an organization to become part of a complaint, even if it does not have any involvement in the case and whether or not they are a victim of the alleged crime.

The presence of Vox has already had legal repercussions. “The petition put forward by Vox in particular, has caused the judge of the Supreme Court to keep Joaquim Forn in prison”, while the Attorney General asked for his release, says Ignacio González Vega, spokesman for the association Judges for Democracy.

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