Puigdemont’s Finnish Host Sends Message to Rajoy: “Let Catalonia Go, or Face the Consequences”

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Photo: Mikko Känä MP & Carles Puigdemont (Credit: hs.fi)

From April 4th, 2018

Finnish MP of the Centre Party, and the host of the visit to Finland by exiled President Carles Puigdemont of Catalonia, Mikko Kärnä, sent a direct message to President Mariano Rajoy of Spain, via a press release.

“Mr Rajoy must now acknowledge, that the independence process of Catalonia has gone international, and Spain’s every action is being monitored by citizens, politicians and human rights organisations across the globe. Rajoy must now let Catalonia go, or face dire consequences. People are starting to boycott Spanish products and do not want to travel to a country, which treats its own citizens like this. Rajoy must descend from his ivory tower.  An international mediation process must be launched immediately, or all of Spain will suffer.

Kärnä appealed directly to German politicins and especially to justice minister Katarina Barley.

“Mrs. Minister Barley is an expert in political conflict and referendums.  She of all people knows, that Spain has not respected the laws and conventions of the EU during the Catalan independence process.  I hope Mrs. Minister Barley finds courage in her heart and speaks out against the extradition of Carles Puigdemont and for a peaceful and democratic solution to the crisis in Catalonia.”

Original Link: https://twitter.com/karnamikko/status/980811920382062595?s=21