UN committee on Human Rights admits Puigdemont’s lawsuit

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Photo: Carles Puigdemont: “This is an embarrassment for Europe” (Credit: EFE)


The Human Rights Committee of the United Nations has accepted into procedure the suit brought by Carles Puigdemont for “violation of his political rights in Spain”.

The Human Rights Committee of the United Nations, based in Geneva, has accepted the petition filed by Puigdemont’s international lawyer, Rachel Lindon, who allegedly denounced the violation of Puigdemont’s right to occupy public office (article 25 of the Convention of Civil and Political Rights), his right to political association (article 22) and his right to peaceful political expression (article 19).

According to the statement issued by the UN Committee, the lawsuit was accepted on Monday, around the same time as Puigdemont appeared before the German authorities after being detained in the north of the country.

This decision ws made in addition to that regarding Jordi Sànchez, who in this his case had asked for adjustments to the precautionary measures taken against him (being remanded in custody) before trial, in Spain.

The Spanish government has six months to respond

Now, the UN has written to the Spanish government requesting a response regarding the case of Puigdemont within a maximum period of six months. In addition, the Human Rights Committee has asked the dismissed President’s lawyer to indicate “what type of resolution” he will demand from the State in the case that conclusions that his rights have been violated is reached.

At the beginning of the month, Carles Puigdemont filed this lawsuit against the Spanish State at the UN Human Rights Committee on the grounds that his rights had been violated. A team of international lawyers acted on behalf of Puigdemont. Among these is the specialist human rights, Ben Emmerson QC, who, among others, was in charge of representing the widow of Aleksandr Litvinenko, the ex-agent of the KGB who died of poisoning, in 2006, in London. Emmerson assumed the defense of his widow, Marina, and concluded that Russia was behind the death of the ex-KGB agent.

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