Nine arrests and over a hundred injuries during pro-Puigdemont protests

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Photo: Tense moments at the Barcelona protests this Sunday (Credit: José M. Gutiérrez)

From March 25th, 2018

By Roger Font and Bernat Surroca

The Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan police) arrested nine people during Sunday’s demonstrations protesting against Carles Puigdemont’s arrest in Germany, as he was returning from Finland and headed for Belgium, police sources reported. At the moment, it is unknown whether the detainees will be put before judges this Monday.

The demonstrations ended with several police charges on the crowds formed in the center of Barcelona, with the result of 100 people attended for various different wounds, according to the Emergency Medical System (SEM) data. Of the total, 92 people were treated in Barcelona – all cases of a minor nature except a slightly serious one and of which 23 were agents of the Mossos d’Esquadra.  There were 7 in Lleida and one in Tarragona, also all minor.

In Barcelona, the protest convened by the CDRs (Committees for the Defense of the Republic – self-organised citizen groups) in front of the headquarters of the delegation of the Spanish government resulted in moments of tension between the protesters and the police, who carried out several charges and triggered heavy-duty safeguards to prevent participants from accessing the building.


Photo: Mossos in front of the headquarters of the delegation of the Spanish government.

High tension at the Spanish government delegation building

One of the hotspots was the delegation of the Spanish government in Barcelona, where there were several charges on groups of protestors, by police in riot gear.  A few protestors were seen “turning over rubbish bins, throwing paint, eggs, glass bottles or using anti-personnel sprays agsint the agents of the police”, according to police sources.

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