Vice President of Bundestag says likelihood of Puigdemont’s extradition on rebellion charges is low

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Photo: The German Bundestag, Berlin (Credit R24)

By R24 Staff Writers

Wolfgang Kubicki, Vice-President of the German Parliament and an experienced lawyer, has asserted in statements to the German news network, RedaktionsNetzwerks Deutschland, that unlike in Spain, Germany does not recognise the crime of “rebellion.”

Kubicki says, therefore, that he “could not contemplate extradition for such an accusation” as that submitted by the Spanish authorities.

But he also said that extradition for other reasons, in relation to the European Arrest Warrant and the application of the Spanish Constitution is, nonetheless, conceivable.

The vice president of the Bundestag has good faith in German justice:

“In any case, I expect a careful examination by the legal authorities and political authorities responsible for the case in Schleswig-Holstein.”

The President of the Die Linke party, also a member of the Bundestag, Bernd Riexinger, said, on twitter, that “you don’t have to share the political concerns of Carles Puigdemont to agree that this detention is completely incorrect”.

Along the same lines, another German parlianet deputy from the Die Linke party, Andrej Hunko tweeted that it is “an embarrassment” that Puigdemont has been detained in his country, and that the German police were made to be “henchmen of the Spanish ultraright”.

In declarations made on Catalunya Ràdio, Hunku asserted that “he should be released because he is accused of a crime, that of rebellion, which isn’t even recognised in any other European state.”

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