Judge threatens Omnium Cultural with another “20th of September for rebellion and sedition” if there are manifestations in support of the civil society organisation

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Photo: Guardia Civil outside the Omnium Cultural Headquarters

By VilaWeb

15th March, 2018

The vice-president of Òmnium Cultural, Marcel Mauri, explained in an interview with RAC1 that the insturctions from the Court of Instruction No.13, which gave the Guardia Civil the power to today [March 15th, 2018] raid headquarters of the organization, contained a threat. The judge explicitly tells Omnium to be vigilant that they do not commit another “September 20th” because it could incurred a charge of sedition and rebellion. The threat referred to a digital call for a demonstration of support for Omnium at the entrance of the headquarters of the organisation. Mauri asserted that the deployment of the Guardia Civil is a ‘shameful attack’. ‘It seems they are looking for something to do with a charge of misappropriation of public funds’, he said.

Mauri added that it would be enough to look at the Omnium website because there are the published accounts there and it can be verified that ‘for years we have not accepted a euro from the Generalitat’. The vice president of Omnium went on to say: “They are searching through the whole headquarters and it seems that they are looking for financial documentation.” However, he insisted: ‘They will not find any ties to payments from the government.’

Marcel Mauri affirmed that there is no one from the Board of Omnium present in its headquarters. ‘There are workers from the organization, and some have been held there for a while.’

He also recalled that they campaigned to promote participation in the referendum and that no one had told them that they could not do it. “In no case did we do anything that was under instruction from other institutions. We are not government nor have we ever intended to become it”.

Original Link (including Catalan audio of interview with Marcel Mauri): https://www.vilaweb.cat/noticies/el-jutge-amenaca-omnium-amb-un-nou-20-s-per-rebellio-i-sedicio-si-hi-ha-concentracions-de-suport/