Montoro puts pressure on the Generalitat in a witch hunt against a hundred jurists, journalists and private groups

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He aims to force the General Intervention to seek sources that will enable them to be investigated for their pro-indy ideology independentists


Once it was found that the government had not spent money on the 1-O Referendum, the Spanish Ministry of Finance seems to want to try a new way of incriminating the Generalitat. It  is making a hypothetical accusation of embezzlement of public funds. The General Auditor yesterday received a direct threat from the Secretary of State for Finance, José Enrique Fernández de Moya Romero, to investigate all payments and invoices to a list of a hundred lawyers, companies and journalists made not only by the Generalitat but also by all the entities that depend on it. The General Intervention has sent a copy to all entities of the public sector of the Generalitat to collect the information or certify that they do not.

In the document, which was made available to VilaWeb, the Spanish government orders the General Intervention to submit all the documentation before March 12 at 10 am and threatens that ‘any possible breach will result in the transfer of this action to the competent authorities for the purposes of the requirement of personal responsibilities arising from it”. Indeed, the Intervention had responded on February 20 to another similar request from the Spanish Ministry recalling that it had no powers to collect the information requested, in accordance with the law of public finances of Catalonia. The Spanish government says in the letter that the order that justified the intervention of the finances of the Generalitat, in 2015 does authorize it to do so. In this way, it seeks to enforce a ministerial order over what is provided for by a law of Parliament.


In addition to this irregularity, the requirement also highlights the ideological bias, since it indicates entities, companies and people for their pro-independence stance. The Spanish government wants to have the possible payments and invoices from 2010 until now of the entrepreneur Oriol Soler, of the company Mediapro, of the publishers of the newspaper Ara, its publisher, Ferran Rodés, and journalists working there, namely Antoni Bassas, Toni Soler and Xavier Bosch; to the company Batabat, to Ara Llibres, to the publisher of Sapiens Publications, among others. It specifically requests a full copy of the files, reports, drafts, invoices received and/or issued, in addition to any payments made by any body, organism or entity of the autonomous public sector of the Generalitat, identifying the officials, employees or authorities responsible for these actions.


Persection in the juridical and acadèmic fields

The persecution goes further, however, to the signing of publications, conferences and acts carried out by academics and jurists who have sympathized with the indy cause or who have analyzed the process of independence in Catalonia. ‘The payments made by the Generalitat and the Institute of Self-Government Studies must be identified for each of the scholarships, articles and detailed chapters’. And there are dozens of projects, all related to analyses, reflections and considerations about self-government, the internal enlargement of the European Union, the Processes of self-determination, etc., prepared by scholars such as Joan Ridao, Josep Costa, Gemma Geis etc.

In addition, it also monitors the monographic number of the Catalan Public Law Magazine dedicated to the sovereignty process of Catalonia, and details all the chapters, with contributions by Ridao himself, as well as Ferran Requejo and Alain-G.Gagnon, among others.