Famous singers remain mute, despite anti-royalist rapper being jailed

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Photo: Loquillo and Albert Rivera (Credit: @mta1966)

By Marc Villanueva
February 21st, 2018

Mute and caged. But in this case the mutes are a number of famous singers and the only one in the cage is Valtonyc. The three and half year sentence handed down to Josep Valtonyc of Sa Pobla has resulted in an outpouring of protest around the country, which hasn’t included any musicians or singers from Spain, with any real following. This shameful ruling is being questioned not by the 25-year-old rapper’s musical counterparts and colleagues but by jurists, who doubt that a song may be a criminal offense against a king and be considered supporting of terrorism. Great Spanish artists are silent. Sabina? Serrat? Loquillo? Always seemingly on the lookout for moments to talk politics, but one a member of their guild is jailed, they’ve somehow gone mute. This is sound of the gunshot they are pretending not to hear:

The lyrics of the song “Colze a Colze” (Elbow to Elbow) has a number of lyrical gems, in Catalan and in Spanish. “You can imprison us, but watch how words fly”, for example, a premonition of what was to come, for the Majorcan who is now waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on his admission to prison. The lyrics of this hit speak of “the shit of the Royal Family” or recommends “resisting baton strikes so the people can vote”. Neither the Naional Court or the Supreme Court have shown any tolerance for these lyrics, as the National Court suggested a custodial sentence, and the Supreme Court has show itself likely to uphold this ruling despite an appeal. The world of rap has emerged in loud solidarity, but singers and musicians with massive followings have remained silent. Social media is unforgiving:

Tweet by @berlustinho: “Serrat and Sabina haven’t said anything about Valtonyc because they are busy preparing a manifesto on freedom of expHAHAHAHAHA”

Tweet by @GladGiving: “Serrat, Sabina, Loquillo and the rest of you fake cultural icons of various stripes, MarujaTorres, Coixet. You ought to know, Ladies and Gentlemen, everyone knows that in life, if you side with the democrats, you are a democrat, and if you side with fascists, you are a fascist. Remaining equidistant between the two is null and void.”

Tweet by @Carlesds72 in response to @emparmoliner “Where are all the left wing singers speaking out against their colleague being jailed?”, “Living la dolce vitta off of subsidies and other dodgy payments.

In Catalonia, there were a number of messages of solidarity from musical colleagues, from Llach to Gossos, and the Friends of the Arts and Gerard Quintana. The social networks were full of protest regarding the silence of those who have thousands of followers outside of Catalonia. In the interest of a balanced truth, we searched the networks, and found a single tweet, by a Madrid singer-songwriter stating his objection to the sentencing:

Tweet by @SerranoIsmael “This is madness.”

Original Link: https://www.elnacional.cat/enblau/ca/televisio/cantants-famosos-condemna-raper_241455_102.html