Anna Gabriel takes refuge in Switzerland

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Photo: Anna Gabriel (Credit: ACN)

By El Nacional

February 18, 2018

The ex-deputy of the CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy party) Anna Gabriel, must appear on Wednesday February 21st, at the Supreme Court, to make an initial statement. Even so, a few days ago it was not known where she was and there was speculation of many kinds; the most popular options seemed to be Venezuela and Cuba. Well, it was neither, and the CUP has said in a statement that she is in fact in Geneva, Switzerland, where she has contacted an expert lawyer, on extradition cases.

Gabriel has moved in the last few weeks and she has been accompanied by members of the party. With regards to the preparation of her defense for the case against her, being prepared by the Supreme Court, they have asserted that “the international dimension is absolutely central” and are depending on this for impact. The idea of the former deputy when deciding to leave was to contact international organizations, institutions and lawyers well-reputed for the defense of civil and political rights before the European Court of Human Rights.

One option for the CUP ex-deputy would be to stay in Switzerland, where, although it has an extradition treaty with Spain, the judicial system could extend Gabriel’s delivery to Spanish justice. As is the case in Belgium, the Swiss Criminal Code does not contain a crime of sedition or rebellion. On Tuesday the 20th the party will make a statement relating to how it will handle the appointment at the Supreme Court, and will clarify if Anna Gabriel plans to “exile” herself.

Rounding up, the communiqué released by the CUP, reminds readers that the decisions taken so far in relation to precautionary measures, expensive bail bonds, a ban on leaving the State, but above all, the unconditional pre-trial detention for the two civil society leaders of the ANC and Òmnim Cultural “place us in a scenario in which we must denounce the claims judges and magistrates make to be exemplary in character”.

Gabriel is called to make a statement next Wednesday although it was originally scheduled for the 14th, the same day as Mireia Boya. However, her lawyer requested a suspension because he had another trial. Prior to Anna Gabriel, the general coordinator of PDeCAT, Marta Pascal, the general secretary of ERC, Marta Rovira, [ex] President Artur Mas and the former president of the Association of Municipalities for Independence, Neus Lloveras, will have already made statements [scheduled for Monday February 19th].

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