Otegi recounts torture suffered at Intxaurrondo on the occasion of the World Day Against Torture

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Photo: Arnaldo Otegi, General Secretary of Bildu Party (Credit: Vilaweb)

By Vilaweb Staff Writers

February 13th, 2018

Arnaldo Otegi, the General Secretary of the Bildu Party, passed through the dark barracks of the Civil Guard of Intxaurrondo in 1987. He was delivered to the Spanish armed forces by the French police. When he eventually made it to court, he had spent six days at the hands of agents commanded by Enrique Rodríguez Galindo, later convicted of belonging to GAL Iillegal Spanish government ‘death squads’). Galindo spent only four years in prison and was released by the Spanish Ministry of Interior for alledged ‘health reasons’.

In any case, Otegi experienced the torture techniques of Galindo and his collaborators, firsthand, in the summer of 1987 and today, on the World Day Against Torture, he has exaplained what they did to him, in a series of tweets.

“Today is the World Day Against Torture and I will explain the methods which were used on me at Intxaurrondo, under instruction from the Civil Guard Central Command in Madrid:

Day 1: I was dressed in a straitjacket and submerged various times, in a bathdub. This was done continuously to me, until I lost consciousness.

Day 2: They continued with the bathtub treatment, but this time it was accompanied by electric shock.  All day.

Day 3: Today they added punching and kicking, and continued the long interrogations with threats against my son and family. Death threats.

Day 4: The cavalry continued their work, with electric shocks, the bathtub, and the death threats.

On the fourth day they also left a gun on the table and mockingly encouraged me to take it and attempt to run.

Day 5: A statement with a “lawyer”. I do not know if he was a lawyer or another civil guard. They tell me I must sign a bunch of documents or it will all start again. I deny everything and I sign nothing.

Day 6: I’m admitted into prison, and there, I denounce the torture I have received. My complaint arrives at the United Nations.

Today, the European Court of Human Rights condemns torture in Spain for the cases of Portu and Sarasola. On the anniversary of the death by torture of Joxe Arregi.”

Here is the original thread of tweets:

Original Link: https://www.vilaweb.cat/noticies/otegi-relata-les-tortures-que-va-patir-a-intxaurrondo-en-motiu-del-dia-mundial-contra-la-tortura/