Civil Guard attempt to link Jaume Roures to the independence project

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Photo: Jaume Roures (Credit: EFE)

By Público

February 14th, 2018

The Civil Guard has tried to connect Jaume Roures with the independence project. In a report sent to Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena, the authors stated that the audiovisual producer, founder of Mediapro and one of the owners of Público, “could” be related to an supposed “Executive Committee” with regard to the referendum which took place on October 1st of last year.

In the text, delivered to the examining judge of the case on February 1st, the Civil Guard cited three telephone calls which “corroborate” that the Generalitat had the support of private media, “and especially”, Jaume Roures. But the Catalan producer neither made, nor received any of the calls.

The members of the Armado Institute recall that Roures set up a press room during the 1-O referendum from which the Catalan Government put out updates about the results of the referendum as they developed. Also, they emphasized that Mediapro was the company which produced the 1-O video broadcast by TV3 and put particular focus on the police violence which occurred on referendum day.

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