Balearic Partido Popular threatens counselor Tur: ‘There are no political prisoners in Spain; if there were, you would not be here”

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Photo: Counselor Tur, in the plenary session, February 6th (Credit: Vilaweb)

By Vilaweb Staff Writers

7th February, 2018

The deputy of the Partido Popular of the Balearic Islands, Antonio Gómez, former vice president during the government of José Ramón Bauzá, threatened the Minister of Culture, Fanny Tur, yesterday [6th of February, 2018] in the middle of a plenary session of parliament. “Madam Counselor, in Spain there are no political prisoners and no people are being detained for their ideas. The obvious proof is that you are here today and not elsewhere,” said Gómez, in a clear reference to prison.

Gómez asked the counselor about the Gala Night of Culture by the Balearic Cultural Agency this year, where Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez were awarded the Gabriel Alomar prize. The deputy labelled them ‘suspected criminals’ and criticized Tur for attending an event where the release of political prisoners was called for.

“I’m sorry, I’m not clear on where you would like me to end up – in prison? In the gutter?
Where did he say that he wanted me to end up? Sorry, I did not understand,” replied the counselor. And she added: ‘The only clamour which happened that night and which I applauded was for the word ‘freedom’. Do you think the word ‘freedom’ is subversive?”

The counselor also reproached the former vice president, arguing that the PP has been very vocal calling for ‘defense of the rule of law’, whilst “subsidizing fascist and trans-phobic organisations, restricting freedoms and draining public coffers. This is attacking the bases of the rule of law,” she emphasized.

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