German broadcaster denounces censorship in Spain, or coverage of the Catalan independence process

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By Albert Acín,
February 4th, 2018

A German public broadcaster has denounced the manipulation of the Spanish public television in dealing with the question of [Catalan] independence. The television network for the states of northern Germany, NDR, has collected a number of alleged cases of manipulation, reported by workers of the Spanish television network TVE.

According to reports, the lack of transparency in the Spanish network reached a point where a German television magazine, ZAPP, was denied permission to film in the TVE television press room, or talk about the coverage of the Catalan question by TVE. “When it comes to Catalonia, permission to shoot an interview was not granted,” said NDR, who have gathered several examples of manipulation, such as the weekly reports on the Catalan issue which aired the theme music from “The Exorcist” accompanying shots of [Carles] Puigdemont or along with documentary coverage of the referendum on October 1st [2017].

In spite of the difficulties in contacting TVE, the German public media managed to gather testimony from several staff there. Such is the case of Gabriel López, a member of the editorial board, who not only criticized “censorship” but also “lack of plurality” on Spanish public television, in which “the presence of personalities favorable to independence” is not allowed. “We are an instrument of propaganda for the ruling party,” added the lead controller, Alejandro Caballero.

NDR aired opinions which contrasted those on TVE and highlighted that, as their German correspondent in Spain says, journalists “can hardly report on the conflict in Catalonia”.

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