Amnesty International calls for Spain to drop charges of sedition and rebellion against Sànchez & Cuixart

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Photo: Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sanchez (Credit: Vilaweb)

By Vilaweb Staff Writers

February 6th, 2018

Amnesty International has released a statement after the announcement that the Spanish Supreme Court has once again denied the request for release of Jordi Sànchez, in which they demanded for the charges of sedition and rebellion against he and Jordi Cuixart be dropped. “They are unjustified and, therefore, they have to be recused”, said the Amnesty Director for Europe, Gauri Van Gulik.

“The prolongation of the provisional detention of Jordi Sànchez constitutes an excessive and disproportionate restriction of his right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly,” he added. The Spanish Supreme Court has also been accused of aggravating this injustice.

The protests convened by Sánchez and Cuixart, said Van Gulik, cannot constitute crimes of rebellion or sedition, but, at most, be considered worthy of a charge of public disorder.

Amnesty International also says that it does not question the suspension of the referendum law on self-determination, but that Sánchez and Cuixart “had the right to express opinions contrary to the decisions of the [Constitutional] Court, as well as to organize peaceful meetings which supported the referendum and the independence of Catalonia”. Amnesty also stated that the filing of criminal charges “is an excessive and disproportionate measure”.

Finally, they reiterated the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and demanded that the rights of civil society organizations and people be guaranteed, so as to allow them to express their views on the referendum or independence.

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