Ex-Army colonel confirms Spanish state threats: Marta Rovira “did not lie”

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Photo: Archive image of Marta Rovira (credit: Blanca Blay)

December 11th, 2017

The General Secretary of the ERC party (Republican Left of Catalonia), Marta Rovira, “did not lie” – although her choice of words might have been unfortunate, in her statements from November 17, in which she said that the Spanish government had threatened to deploy the army and use “extreme violence” if independence leaders did not stop the independence process. This assertion was made by Colonel Amadeo Martínez Inglés to the ‘canarias-semanal.org’ website, where he also said that Rovira did not explain “the whole truth ” because “she did not know it at the time”.


“Those hypothetical government warnings (suggestions, threats or however we want to call them) were actually part of a secret operation at the disposal of the nation’s Government, to be implemented well before 1-O, which was predicted to reach its maximum virulence not necessarily right after a declaration of independence (which the Government of Madrid believed could be neutralized with the infamous article 155) but rather after the predictable later attempt by the Catalan secessionist leaders to make the declaration true, to make it effective, at national and international levels, with massive street mobilization and the occupation of key locations across Catalonia, either by the Mossos (Catalan police), or by operational pickets organized by the CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy party)”, wrote the ex-colonel.

According to Amadeo Martínez Inglés, statements that were labeled as lies by “the political and media apparatus of the Moncloa” existed and were “planned in detail, in the full knowledge of the office of the Spanish vice president, and with opportune help and advice from specialists in psychological warfare “. It was to be “a war that had to undermine pro-independence intentions in the political, economic, social and media” spheres. There were, according to the colonel, two phases: “one of low intensity during the month of September 2017 […] and another of much higher dedication and operational effort designed to deal with the case (which the entire Executive of Mr. Rajoy’s never believed would occur) that the controversial referendum on October 1st actually went ahead, and it would be necessary to neutralize its “unfeasible consequences” “at any price”.

In this sense, the colonel describes the mobilization of police forces against voters on the 1st of October, as a clear attempt “to intimidate the political and social leaders of Catalonia and the civilian population as a whole. A logistic movement [.. .] that should never have existed, which left the whole country unprotected and that, even in the worst case scenario, should never have gone beyond 500 troops.” “You threatened everything we value and more, Mr. Rajoy. And your vice president, to whom you have given missions that she cannot fulfill, too,” wrote the colonel.

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