[Photos] The #roadtobrussels fills French service stations with Catalans

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December 6th, 2017

Thousands of Catalans are making their way to Brussels this Wednesday. Some are going by train, plane, but especially by car and coach. This has been noted in the service areas and French gas stations which have been filled with travelling Catalans.

Under the hashtag #roadtobrussels, users have been uploading photographs, videos, anecdotes and incidents from their trips to the European capital, on Twitter and other social networks. Many of the tweets show the surprise of many Catalans who come across many others filling the roads and rest stops of France.

Catalans in a rest area in France (Photo: Clara Montaner)

“Omplim Brussels” (Let’s Fill Brussels) is the new challenge that the pro-independence lobby has set itself. In fact, this initiative started as an idea from a small group of people and has become a multitudinous concentration at the heart of Europe. Some are already in the capital and yesterday were noticeable at the Grand Place. The organizers hope that over 15,000 participants will come, but Belgian media has pointed out that up to 50,000 independentists seem likely to move on the capital of Europe. In fact, the Brussels police has begun issuing warnings of a mass demonstration which will likely cause traffic problems.

Below you will find photos and videos from the service areas along the #roadtobrussels, full of Catalans:

Original Link: https://www.naciodigital.cat/noticia/144115/fotos/roadtobrussels/omple/catalans/arees/servei/franceses