A veteran of Hitler’s on the front line of defending the Spanish constitution

Catalan MonitorNews Roundup

December 7th, 2017

A photojournalist specializing in the movements of the extreme right in Catalonia, Jordi Borràs, has asserted via Twitter that a member of the ‘Blue Division’ was at the head of a demonstration held in Barcelona on the Day of the Constitution. According to Borràs, Fernando Quintilla Manresa, a regular at extreme right-wing demonstrations in Barcelona, “fought under Hitler’s orders.”  In the first line of the march where he was, the president of the Partido Popular of Catalonia and candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Xavier García Albiol also stood. “Today both defend the Spanish Constitution … and they call this democracy,” criticized Borràs.

Quintilla belonged to the Blue Division, a unit of voluntary troops that the regime of dictator Francisco Franco put under the orders of Adolf Hitler in World War II.

The demonstration featured well-known faces from the Partido Popular of Catalonia, such as Andrea Levy and Alberto Fernández Díaz, as well as members of the Citizens party. According to the Guardia Urbana, 12,000 people participated and the most listened to have been “Puigdemont in prison”, “Catalonia is Spain” or “fascist scammers”. The route has gone from Plaça Urquinaona to Plaça de Sant Jaume, via Via Laietana, where there has been a stop to praise the Spanish police in front of its police station.

Original Link: http://www.directe.cat/noticia/691305/un-vetera-de-hitler-en-primera-linia-de-la-manifestacio-per-la-constitucio-espanyola