Pro-union group hangs puppets and blames pro-independence supporters, then breaks story via far-right media outlets

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Photo: Puppets with the logos of the parties supporting article 155, hanging from a bridge on the C-17

December 1, 2017

The images of puppets with the logos of the parties supporting the article 155 (PP, PSC and Cs) hanging from a bridge of the C-17 near Vic have gone viral today and have triggered the typical victimist campaign of unionists, in particular of Inés Arrimadas and the Citizens party, who seem to have focused their campaign on this unjustified victimization.

The “media” who broke this news are the infamous Spanish website Dolça Catalunya and their friends Societat Civil Catalana (Catalan Civil Society). It seems curious that no other media had covered this news before. A search on twitter shows that the first user to use the word “monigotes” (puppets) is the account of Dolça Catalunya themselves. The timing is very suspicious and everything seems to indicate a ploy, where a group of pro-unionists place these puppets to damage the reputation of the pro-independence campaign. They then need only to call friendly media ready to “buy” this news and the reputation-tattering machine is in full flow. This would appear to be another lie coming from Ciudadanos (Citizens Party) and its followers like those previously discussed in Noticias de Catalunya.

Recall that in a recently published study we saw how attacks by the extreme right in Spain have multiplied exponentially in recent months, usually under the umbrella of the demonstrations organized by Catalan Civil Society and the Citizens party. The difference? In the case of the attackers during these protests, we have access to many photos showing the culprits.

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