The CUP files complaint about an ultra-right wing group to the Catalan Police and the Electoral Board

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Photo: Poster by “Por España me atrevo” (For Spain I am Afraid)

The CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy Party) has informed the Electoral Board and the Mossos of a manifestation convened by ‘Por España me atrevo’ (For Spain I Dare) and Somatemps in front of its headquarters this Saturday. The poster for the manifestation features a cartoon of Anna Gabriel and the slogan ‘The streets are no longer yours’. The political organization hopes that the activity called for by this ultra right wing group will be prohibited, and the normal functioning of its political activity will be guaranteed. They have explained that the call coincides with a meeting of the Political Council of the CUP to sign off the political program for the elections of December 21st and has made it clear that regardless, the meeting will go on, as they do not plan to let themselves be “intimidated.”

The political party explained in the document presented to the Catalan police that the message that can be read in the notice board is “insulting” and that the announcement “gives rise to content which clearly incites hate and violence against everything related to the CUP”. In the statement, they stressed that in his last year, their headquarters had already been targeted on several occasions by these “fascist” groups, who have reported that they have had their facilities painted and “sabotaged”. They also recalled that on September 20th the Spanish police “attempted to access them without authorization and held a seven-hour siege.”

Finally, the CUP once again denounced the “violence” that the extreme right is “scattering” throughout the country with manifestations or mobilizations organized by Catalan Civil Society “along with Ciutadans, the PSC and PP.” (Citizens Party, The Socialist Party of Catalonia and the Popular Party) “For the CUP the activity of the extreme right is not a casual event and we understand that it is part of a strategy of state to prevent the deployment of the Catalan Republic by tacitly allowing violence and threats”.

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