Platform for EU-Catalonia Dialogue MEPs seek to visit jailed counsellors and “the Jordis” and are prohibited from doing so by the Spanish state

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Photo: Spanish Prison Entrance by Tània Tàpia

“So far we have not had any productive response, with any explanation,” says French MEP Marie-Pierre Vieu, who calls this “silence” “extremely serious.” In this regard, he emphasized the right of any MEP to gain access to any European penitentiary center.

With regard to the elections, Vieu emphasized they had to be “transparent.” “We are very surprised at how things have gone, because politicians and activists have been jailed for having a point of view that is not authorized by the central government,” he lamented.

Italian MEP Eleonora Forenza explained that “more and more difficulties” keep being imposed, impeding them from visiting the political prisoners. “We are demanding their freedom, but regardless, it also our right to visit them,” she stated.

José Bové, a historic figures from the French green leftists, also stated in a press conference on Wednesday in the Eurocambra that the State has been putting up obstacles to his visit. “Why have we not been allowed in?” He asked, stating that they are now lobbying the French authorities to “speak with their counterparts in Spain.” “It’s totally crazy,” he said.

“If the prisoners want to be released, they must toe the government line,” Bové lamented, who believes that in Spain, justice “is under political power” and that “this is also a problem for the European Union, “he concluded.


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