The Spanish Police attempt to requisition a Barça football banner in Mestalla because “the Catalan Flag and the Cross of St George incite violence”

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The National Police  seized a banner from the Almogàvers branch of the FC Barcelona football club, because it could “incite violence.” “The Spanish national police says our banner is a violent symbol,” said the group of Barça fans on Twitter. The banner confiscated by the National Police was a blue-colored emblem with the shield of the Cross of Saint George in the middle of the canvas, no symbol that could incite violence.

However, the security forces of the Valencian stadium decided to seize this insignia and other flags and scarves from members of the fan club. The National Police asserted that the flags in question have “the Cross of Saint George and the Catalan flag” and that this “incites violence,” Almogàver sources told this newspaper.

The entertainment group had permission to bring these elements to the stadium and, after a few minutes of deliberation, the police returned the requisitioned items.


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