Minister of Employment unwittingly unveils the lies of PP’s Albiol

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Photo: Archive photo of Xavier García Albiol

The Minister of Employment, Fátima Báñez, admitted that the Spanish government could resort to a loan from the Treasury to the Department of Social Security to ensure the payment of pensions to Spaniards in December. A reality which is in stark contrast with the statements made by the president of the PPC (Partido Popular in Catalonia), Xavier García Albiol, five days ago, when he warned that the pensions of Catalans would be “endangered” if the pro-independence bloc won in the elections on December 21st, and they continued pushing for independence. “By closing this book, pensions will be guaranteed,” said Albiol, who also explained that he wanted a “strong Catalan PP in the hands of the central government” to ensure and protect them [Catalans].

“Nine out of ten euros of pensions in Spain are paid with social contributions. For today and tomorrow, the most important thing is economic growth and the creation of jobs in Spain,” explained Minister Báñez, who has pointed out that “the Department of Social Security has a temporary deficit due to the loss of three and a half million jobs during the crisis,” in part during the government of Mariano Rajoy. However, Báñez sought to re-assure that the State will pay pensions “on time”.

In a statement to the media, she asserted that the State has “various instruments” to ensure the payment of pensions, such as social security contributions, the Social Security Reserve Fund, which “was created for situations of necessity “, and the general state budgets, which are also “there for that.” In this regard, the Minister acknowledged that “one can also resort to a loan, as has already been done in 2017 and was also done during the 90s.”

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