Complaint that on-duty Spanish police gave rubber bullets to kids in a school in Lleida

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Photo: A rubber bullet like the ones distributed at Lestonnac School (Photo by Vilaweb)

November 27th, 2017

A group of parents of students from the Lestonnac school (Lleida) report that Spanish police officers gave rubber bullets to children to play with at recess time in the playground. According to parents, before it was noticed, the children played with this anti-riot material, for a number of days.

“A single one of these bullets was properly requisitioned by the school’s teaching staff, for informative use, and afterwards the tutors informed the students that they were not for play. The bullet was moved from class to class at stipulated hours” they say in a statement.

The police agents however were on duty for several days in the same street as an access point to the school.  It must have been at the arrival and departure hours from school, the police gifted some students of Lestonnac several rubber bullets, to play with as balls. It is this behaviour that the parents consider to be serious and has caused them discomfort.

The statement from parents reads:


“We are greatly distressed by the fact that items prohibited in Catalonia since 2014, used by the national police in attacks carried out at the Ramon Llull School of Barcelona on October 1st voters, causing a young person to lose vision in one eye from the impact of one of these balls, has been recently given to some of our children, in the school, as a result of negligence of on-duty police officers, who seemed to take such pride in gifting these bullets to young students.”


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