“15 injuries in two ultra-right wing CCS demonstrations” – Jaume Asens

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Photo: Jaume Asens at a press conference (Photo by ACN)

By El Nacional Staff Writers, October 31st, 2017

The deputy mayor of Citizens’ Rights, Participation and Transparency of Barcelona, Jaume Asens, has cited that there were 15 injured in the two major demonstrations convened by the Catalan Civil Society organisation, and urged the Government to be “more vigilant when authorizing them”.

He did not say whether they should be banned or not, but he pointed out that the government ought to be more vigilant when issuing permits for demonstrations. In this regard, he asked that the government strongly condemn the aggressions which took place at these demonstrations, some with “fascist or xenophobic” content.

He also referred to the images of people with their hands up and attacks on journalists. Asens announced Monday that the City Council would study whether it could present itself as a plaintiff in the most serious cases. In fact, they have already done so in the case of a young man of foreign origin who was assaulted by ultra-right demonstrators on October 8th.


Fascist content

Asens found that Sunday saw “serious incidents with racist and fascist content.” The Deputy Mayor made the Office for Non-Discrimination of the City Council available so that the affected parties could report what had happened to him, for the City Council to study the cases and presented themselves as plaintiff in the most serious of cases.

“We cannot allow this kind of activity in our city to be normalized”,  he indicated at a press conference, where he reported 15 injured citizens, aggression to journalists, confrontations with Mossos d’Esquadra and rioting, at the demonstrations organized by the ultra-right wing organisation.

In his opinion, it is necessary “to open a debate on the conditions under which such demonstrations must be carried out”, especially taking into account the recent events. “If they are authorized, we need to be more on top of things and assert more control to ensure the conditions are adhered to,” he said. He acknowledged that he does not know in what kinds of circumstances the aggressions took place and that these behaviors are in a “minority”, but he has found that the number of injured is already significant.


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