Cruise company denies Catalans access to ship if they are independentists

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Photo: Shipping company owner Luis Pineda, being interviewed on Antena 3 (Photo by Antena 3)

By Marc Villanueva

“Espejo Publico” (Public Mirror, a Spanish television programme) is capable of anything: being a furious anti-independent program and now, being an apologist for a Malagan businessman guilty of the crime of hatred against Catalans. Mr. Luis Pineda arranges cruises for single people and recently decided to include an unjustified clause in his contracts: if the cruise guests are Catalans, they must record, in writing, that they do not have “separatist ideas”. And he takes this further: if during the journey there are discussions or actions related to this, they will be removed from the trip without the right to claim any compensation. He has not been asked what he would do if the discussion were to occur while the cruise ship was not in port. Would pro-independence Catalans be thrown overboard?

Photo: Luis Pineda, Cruise ship business owner (Photo credit Antena 3)

The Andalusian businessman justifies this behavior alleging his “right of admission” – though this would never get past a court. with an alleged “right of admission” that no judge would admit. Only recently, a ruling condemned a pub in Lleida, which vetoed access to its premises by a group of young people with down syndrome. The attempt, by Pineda, apart from being disgusting, is simply illegal, but in Espejo Publico, they brushed it aside, forgiving him with the comment “everyone has a bad day”. These were the words which, in the absence of [Catalan presenter] Susanna Griso, away in mourning after the death of her mother, were said by her number two presenter – Albert Castillón – also Catalan.

Photo: Luis Pineda interviewed by Albert Castillón on Espejo Publico (Photo credit Antena 3)

Social media is already very conscious of the leanings re independence of this morning programme on Antena 3. With Griso or not, their tendency is to position themselves against independence, and not shy from supporting illegal acts, be they luxury prostitution, or unscrupulous cruiseship owners.

He justifies it in that some customers call him asking if there would be Catalans on board and that on one occasion a cruiser took a picture in front of a monument with an Estelada (Catalan independence flag). Very serious! This five minute video is one that ought to be framed and displayed in the Catalan-phobia museum:

Video link to the Antena 3 interview (embedded in original article):

Bearing in mind that these cruises are designed for single people, it might be sensible for this cruise company to worry more about being  tolerant of those who think differently, or else their attendees might end up being single forever.

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