US manifesto, signed by over 1400 professors and scientists equates anti-independence party persecution with “the dictatorship of Franco”

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During an interview with Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela, yesterday by Jordi Évole, the leader of the Latin American country asserted that the Catalan case has been “internationalized.” The police violence in Catalonia on the first of October, and the endurance of the independence movement which for more than five years has expressed its sovereign desires, has attracted the world’s attention to Catalonia.

One of the latest examples of support for the Catalan cause comes from the United States of America, where more than 600 university professors and scientists decided to make public a manifesto which supports Catalan political prisoners and calls on the State to have clean elections clean in December.  [Since publishing, the number of signatories has risen to 1465, on November 21 – full list here:] The document, entitled “Petition for the release of political prisoners of Spain and for fair elections in Catalonia on December 21”, can be consulted on the website, and it demands a “fair trial for the legitimate Government of Catalonia”. It rails against the [Spanish] State Attorney General, who died last Saturday, and compared the referendum on the first of October with an “armed coup d’état” and considers the position currently defended by the Spanish government, “unsustainable”.

The text is very forceful with regards to what it calls political persecution, and, according to the manifesto, “The Spanish government’s appeal to the rule of law cannot disguise a political persecution of an extent and intensity not seen since the Franco dictatorship.” The document goes on to call on the United Nations, the European Council and the European Commission to stop “condoning antidemocratic behavior” by Spain, and demands the release of political prisoners and the holding of “free and fair” elections on December 21.

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