Guardia Civil detain a high school teacher for ‘incitement to hatred’ on social networks

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Photo: Manel Riu, on October 1st during the Referendum, in checked shirt, with a beard (Credit: ACN)

The Civil Guard arrested a teacher at the Institut de Tremp on Thursday for hate speech on social networks, according to ‘Pallars Digital’ and confirmed to the ACN (Catalan News Agency). The detained, Manel Riu, explained in declarations to the Agency that three members of the Civil Guard had been looking for him in the morning at the Institute, but that he was not there at that time. Then they went to his house and there they told him to accompany them to the police station in Tremp. He went in his car, accompanied by one of the agents. Once there, they told him he was under arrest for a crime of incitement to hatred e on social networks. Riu, however, took refuge in his his right to remain silent, and was released after signing documentation along with his lawyer. Now it is anticipated that he will be called to a hearing in front of a judge of instruction.

According to Riu, the agents have asked if he made any posts on social networks on October 7. They were unable to specifically reference any particular post, claiming they were not able to show Facebook posts or specific tweets, and that the complaint was “generic”. He was led to understand that the specific post will be sent to the judge. Riu affirmed that he made a “strong criticism” of security forces of the State and the Spanish government in some of his posts. And he claims that the “level of violence” exhibited by the Guardia Civil and the National Police on October 1 made him say that “they had behaved in a savage, inhuman manner.” And he added: “I have said, as so many others said it.”

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