Forcadell Freed

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Photo: Carme Forcadell, by EFE

By Gemma Liñán
10 November 2017

The Speaker of Parliament, Carme Forcadell, is already on her way back to Barcelona. Her official car entered the prison of Alcalá Meco, to the entrance of the women’s module, to allow her to leave discretely, avoiding the gaze of the public media, and expected persecution at the hands of hundreds of cameras and journalists waiting at the door of the prison compound.

Her lawyer, Andreu van den Eyne, who navigated the crowd of journalists upon entry and exit, managed to get the official vehicle, with escort and driver into in the jail, to avoid Forcadell having to leave the main entrance usually used by exiting prisoners.

Forcadell was in prison for 14 hours. She arrived at midnight and left just minutes after two o’clock in the afternoon, with no delay. An unmarked Catalan police car was waiting outside, which accompanied her official car until it left Madrid. Anna Simó [fellow Catalan Minister, from the Republican Leftist Party] also accompanied Forcadell, although she waited for the official car to at a different part of the prison.

5 hours to process the discharge

Early this morning, Carme Forcadell’s team of lawyers, was able to make the payment of the deposit. In fact, the money was ready on Thursday, but it could not be paid because when her sentence of custody and bail was declared, there were no longer any open banking offices in which to validate the payment. Forcadell’s lawyer, Andreu van den Eynde, presented himself at the Supreme Court to find out the account number where the money must be paid, which, according to confirmation by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), came from the solidarity fund put in place for such purposes.

Once the payment was made, Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena wrote up the order to discharge Forcadell from prison, and sent an officer to take it to the prison of Alcalá Meco.

Forcadell slept in the same prison where, since November 2nd, the counsellors Dolors Bassa and Meritxell Borràs have also been locked up.

They transferred her from the Supreme Court to an unmarked car with tinted wintows. They gave her the opportunity to change clothes at the Supreme court, and remove her heeled shoes to put on more comfortable and discreet clothes to enter Alcalá Meco.

With respect to the bonds of 25,000 euros for each of the other cabinet members, Lluís Guinó, Anna Simó, Ramona Barrufet and former Vice President Lluís Maria Corominas, the ANC also confirmed that the money will come out of the same solidarity fund. In the case of Joan Josep Nuet, the judge released him without any precautionary measures.

Once the bonds have been paid, all of them (except Nuet) will be prohibited from leaving Spanish territory, will have to turn in their passports (which they must do before Friday at 2:00 p.m.) and will have to present themselves before a judge periodically.

In the writ of the judge, the Speaker of Parliament is warned that failure to comply with any of these obligations will result in an immediate custody. The Public Prosecutor’s Office will not appeal the resolution of the judge Pablo Llarena.

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