Summary of interventions to the transport network by activists on general strike day in Catalonia

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A country-wide general strike was called today in defense of the institutions of Catalonia and to demand the release of political prisoners. The dozens of road and railroad blocks that took place this morning throughout the country have had a great impact and have achieved the purpose of stopping the country and generating a noticeable collapse. The blockades continued through in the afternoon and some could even continued into the morning.

21.39 – The last roads affected by the demonstrations are in Seu d’Urgell, Camarles and Puigcerdà. Here you can check the update of the state of the roads of the region.

20.20 – In Borrassà, the Spanish police and the Mossos d’Esquadra make a great deployment to undo the blockade of the AP-7.

19.44 – In Sants, the police officers closed the access roads.

See here for video of Sants station (embedded in original article):

19.27 – Officers act in Borrassà, to dismantle a blockage, accompanied by a helicopter from the Guardia Civil.

19.16 – The CDR of Lleida has decided to abandon the blockage of the A-22

18.55 – Catalan Police enter the Sants station and have managed to get down to track level

18.06 – This is the atmosphere now in Sants train station:


See here for video from the tracks in Sants station (embedded in original article):

18.01 – Protesters who blocked the AVE (high speed rail) tracks in Girona expect to extend the protest until ten o’clock, when the last train is scheduled.

18.00 – These are the 21 road sections affected by mobilizations related to the general strike:

Among the blockaded roads is the AP-7 at various points, such as Borrassà and l’Ampolla. Also, roads connecting with France or Andorra such as the N-152 in Puigcerdà and the N-145 in la Seu d’Urgell, in both directions of travel. Another blocked route is the A-2, in Soses, in the direction of Barcelona. In the counties of Barcelona, ​​there are restrictions for trucks on the C-25 to Vic in direction of Girona and Avinyó in Vic direction, as well as to the AP-7 in Sant Celoni in the Girona direction.

In the counties of the Camp de Tarragona and the Terres de l’Ebre, the AP-7 is blocked in L’Ampolla in both directions. There are diversions towards the Ampolla and Ampolla. Also in the AP-7, there is intensity in El Vendrell in the direction of France, with diversions of the trucks towards the C-32, the C-15 and the C-25. The TV-3408 is blocked in Amposta in both directions, while the N-340 has retentions in Amposta also in both directions. Regarding the Girona region, the A-2 is blocked in Riudellots de la Selva in both directions, while the AP-7 is cut to Borrassà, where diversions are made to the N-II, and to Riudellots de la Selva in both directions. The N-152 is also cut off in Puigcerdà in both directions, which is causing massive traffic on the N-154 in the capital of La Cerdanya to connect with the N-152 in the south, and to the N-II. There are 13 kilometers of tailbacks in the area of ​​Vilamalla in the south.

In the Lleida region, the N-240 is blocked in Juneda in both directions and there are detours for Margalef and Torregrossa; the A-2 is cut to Soses in the direction of Barcelona, ​​the C-12 is blocked to Maials. In the meantime, access to the AP-2 for the LL-12 is blocked in Albatàrrec in the south, the N-145 is blocked in the Seu d’Urgell in both directions and the N-230 is blocked to Vilaller and Alfarràs, also in both directions.

17.50 – Many CDRs who are coordinating the blockades around the region, will vote collectively to decide if they maintain the concentrations of people until tomorrow or they will be dissolved tonight.

17.32 – See some images of the atmosphere in Sants station, in Barcelona, where hundreds of students have cut off the circulation of the AVE (high speed train):

17.08 – This blockage, according to Adif, is also affecting the movement of suburban trains.

16.57 – A group of protesters has blocked AVE (high speed rail) traffic into Sants station

15.48 – Update of road blockades by demonstrators:

Twenty roads are facing blockades or land closures because of mobilizations of the general strike, among them are those which communicate with France, according to the Catalan Traffic Service. Thus, at 3 in the afternoon, there are retentions to the C-32 in Argentona in the north, in the C-37 in Castellfollit del Boix in both directions and in the C-25, with restrictions for trucks in Vic in the sense Girona. Also, the AP-7 is in Borrassà in the north, in Figueres in the south and in Riudellots de la Selva in both directions of circulation; the N-152 in Puigcerdà a few meters from the border; The C-38 to Molló in both directions and there are tailbacks in Vilamalla, in the south. The N-145, which communicates La Seu d’Urgell with Andorra, is also blocked in both directions.

In the county of Tarragona, there are detours now to La Bisbal del Penedès in the direction of Barcelona and the N-340 is blocked in Amposta in both directions with diversions to the C-12 and TV-3408; while the A-2 at Riudellots continues to be blocked off in both directions.

Finally, in the counties of Lleida the A-2 is cut to Soses in the direction of Barcelona, ​​the A-2 to Almacelles in the direction of Lleida direction and the C-12 to Maials in both directions. At C-14, there are intermittent blockages in Ponts in both directions and the C-45 cannot be circular in both directions. On the other hand, on the LL-12 AP-2 access to Albatàrrec is blocked off in the south, and the N-23 ‘between Vilaller and Alfarràs in both directions.

15.36 – See the number of people in the Girona AVE station, here:

13.20 – The general strike day of this November 8 is the one that has recorded a greater number of road and rail cuts, according to ACN sources and strike tracking. From the first hour of the morning, hundreds of citizens have made blockades to roads, freeways and railways, either from Rodalies, FGC or even the AVE in Girona. The same sources indicate that the mobilization of this Wednesday is only surpassed by what happened on October 3. Among the sectors where there is the most monitoring is Education, according to these sources. They also indicate that there are workers who have not notified their workplace that they are vacant, but have taken annual leave or free disposition days.

13.19 – Hundreds of protesters who were concentrated in front of the Generalitat in Girona have moved to join those in the AVE (high speed rail) station.

13.10 – The CDRs have suggested activists follow the recommendations of En Peu de Pau (Peaceful foot forward) when manifesting. These are assembled in this article.

12.05 – The CDRs call for people to assemble at the borders:

12.00 – Several CDRs cut off the Gran Via and advance towards Plaza Sant Jaume in Barcelona

11.57 – Two hundred demonstrators sing El Segadors (Catalan National anthem) on the Gran Via, around Clot Aragó, while blocking traffic.  See original video here (embedded in original article):


11.54 – Hundreds of people continue to block the Gran Via:

11.49 – Tens of people continue to be assembled in front of the police station of the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan Police) in Vilanova i la Geltrú to protest against the arrest of a protestor:

11.44 – The border with France, in Puigcerdà, continues to be blocked. Picture by Joan Carles Macià:

11.42 – Update on the state of the Barcelona Ring Roads:

11.39 – Map of the blockages on the roads of Catalonia:

11.35 – There are 34 road sections affected in the county of Barcelona, ten in Tarragona, five in Girona and seventeen in Lleida. Below you can check on the up to date status of road cuts and congestion here:

11.32 – Sabadell’s PDECat hits the streets to demand the freedom of political prisoners:

11.25 – Some citizens have also assembled themselves in Puigcerdà, just on the border with France:

11.23 – Several pickets are organized in Vic to inform shopkeepers from the city center:

11.20 – Poster from the CDR of Premià de Mar:

11.17 – Hundreds of people continue to blockade the AP-7 in Borrassà (Alt Empordà)

11.13 – Dozens of people block the C-17:

11.10 – Hundreds of protesters have cut the Ronda tunnels, at the entrance to Barcelona, in a vague but festive atmosphere. Watch the video:

11.09 – The Mossos d’Esquadra arrive at the General Railway station in Sant Cugat to attempt to lift the blockade:

This was the image of the access points to Barcelona and the metropolitan area early in the morning:

10.56 – Intermittent cuts to the N-340. Congestion in Alcanar, Camarles, Vandellós, Molins de Rei, Vilafranca and Amposta.

10.55 – The AP-7 continues to be blocked in Vilafant, Riudellots, Cerdanyola, Llinars and Vilafranca. Congestion in Santa Perpètua and Papiol. In Vilafant (Borrassà), the demonstrators are saying that the blockade is indefinite.

10.45 – The Spanish police act to remove a blockage on the Gran Via to let their vans pass

10.30 – Photographic collection: The most spectacular images of today’s general strike

10.20 – A thousand people block traffic on the AP-7 between Borrassà and Vilafant.

10.12 – The CDR warns that ‘this is just the beginning’.

10.06 – Blockade of the A-2 to Cervera, Òdena and Granyanella. Congestion in Soses, Abrera, Castellnou de Seana and Sant Joan Despí.

10.05 – The Mossos d’Esquadra are attempting to negotiate with the demonstrators who cut the AP-7 in Vilamalla.

10.05 – Hundreds of people continue to block AP-7 in Vilamalla.

10.00 – Collection of images of the cut of the Gran Via al Clot (Barcelona)

9.50 – The Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan Police) evacuate the protesters who block access to the Estació del Nord de Barcelona.

9.48 – Blockade of the C-32 in Sitges. Traffic in Sant Boi, Esplugues, Castelldefels and Gavà.

9.43 – The Guardia Urbana block access to the Plaça de les Glòries.

9.40 – Blockage of the C-12 to Menàrguens, Balaguer and Maials.

9.35 – Mossos (Catalan Police) evacuate the demonstrators who have sat down on the road to Ronda del Litoral.

9.33 – Collapse in the access points to Barcelona. Blockages to the ring roads, Gran Via, Diagonal and Parallel.

9.30 – Blockage to the N-II to Vilamalla, Premià de d’Alt and Figueres.

9.26 – Blockades of the AP-7 in Vilafant, Llinars del Vallès, Selva de Mar, Cerdanyola del Vallès, San Perpètua and Papiol.

9.23 – The N-135 continues to be blocked between the Seu d’Urgell and Andorra.

9.20 – Blockage to the A-2 to Riudellots, Cervera, Òdena, Granyanella and Sant Joan Despí. Congestion in Abrera and Castellnou de Seana.

9.15 – The CDR of Sabadell moves the protest of the C-58 to the FGC station of Can Feu-Gràcia.

9.05 – Removal of protesters who had sat down on the pavement of Cerdà Square.

9.00 – Blockage of Montcada and Bifurcacio continues.

8.58 – Blockade by demonstrators of the Diagonal’s central lanes and the Tramway routes to Maria Cristina.

8.57 – A band plays ‘Els segadors’ on the C-58 (Sabadell).

8.55 – Protesters serve breakfasts on the AP-7 (Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda)

8.46 – Blockages to the C-17 to Aiguafreda and Tagamanent. Slow circulation in Parets del Vallès.

8.45 – Blockages by demonstrators on the AP-7 to Llinars del Vallès, Selva de Mar, Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda, Vendrell and Castellet i la Gornal. Very slow circulation in Vilafant.

8.31 – The tracks of the Girona high speed rail blocked

8.27 – Blockage of the A-2 to Cervera, Abrera, Òdena, Castellnou de Seana and Sant Joan Despí.

8.24 – Collapse of the access points to Barcelona and the metropolitan area.

8.22 – Blockage of the Ronda del Litoral (Coastal ring road) near the Olympic port.

8.21 – Cut the Gran Via to Glòries (Barcelona).

8.20 – Collapse of the Ronda de D’Alt (Barcelona Upper Ring Road)

8.17 – Blockage of the AP-2 to the Bisbal del Penedès.

8.12 – The roadblocks in Barcelona:

8.10 – The protesters who cut off Meridiana Avenue have moved to Ronda de Dalt (upper ring road, Barcelona)

8.10 – More than a thousand people have blocked off the AP-7 near Figueres.

8.10 – The N-340 is also blocked in Vilafranca.

8.07 – The N-340 to Amposta has been blocked again. The protesters have been making intermittent cuts of about 30 minutes.

8.05 – The transverse axis (C-25) has been blocked in Vic, Artés and Manresa.

8.03 – Concentration of demonstrators in front of the AVE station in Girona.

8.00 – The AP-7 continues to be blocked off in Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda and El Vendrell. There are also traffic issues in Vilafant.

7.53 – Diagonal Avenue to Maria Cristina in Barcelona has been blocked.

7.50 – The CDRs of Horta Guinardó and Mundet are blocking access to the Ronda de Dalt.

7.40 – Blockages at the stations of Sant Vicenç de Castallet, Montcada Bifurcation and Mataró.

7.37 – Avenida Meridiana at the entrance to Barcelona has been blocked by demonstrators.

7.34 – Avenida del Paral·lel de Barcelona has been blocked.

7.31 – The C-16 to the tunnels of Vallvidrera has been blocked by protestors.

7.30 – Blockage of the FGC Barcelona Vallès line: protesters at the Sant Cugat station

7.28 – The Ronda de Dalt has completely collapsed, under blockages by demonstrators

7.27 – the N-II to Figueres, Vilamalla and Vilassar de Mar has been blocked

7.26 – the C-16 to Sallent has been blocked by protestors

7.23 – More images of the blockade in Montcada Fork, where the R3, the R4, the R7 and the R12 coincide.

7.22 – The roadblock of the Ronda de Dalt continues.

7.20 – Road block of the C-17 to Tagamanent.

7.19 – Roadblock of the N-340 to Amposta.

7.18 – The CDR of Sabadell has blocked the C-58

7.17 – the N-145 at the Seu d’Urgell has been blocked by demonstrators

7.15 – the C-32 to Castelldefels has been blocked by demonstrators

7.15 – Manifestation on the tracks of Montcada Bifurcacio

7.12 – the Gran Via to Bellvitge has been blockaded by protestors

7.10 – the B-140 to Mollet del Vallès and the B-23 to Sant Just Desvern are both now roadblocked.

7.08 – the A-2 at various points is being blockaded by demonstrations: Abrera, Òdena, Castellnou de Seana and Sant Joan Despí.

7.05 – the Ronda de Dalt (Upper Ring Road of Barcelona) to Santa Coloma de Gramenet is now blocked.

7.05 – the AP-7 in Vilafant i Camarles seems to have re-opened momentarily

7.05 – A group of people have blocked the tracks of R4 from Rodalia to Sant Vicenç de Castellet.

7.00 – the N-II to Vilassar de Mar has been blocked by demonstrators

7.00 – the N-340 to Molins de Rei has been blocked by demonstrators

7.00 – the B-10 to Barcelona has been blocked by demonstrators

7.00 – The AP-7 motorway is cut at both ends of the Principality: Camarles and Vilafant. It is also carved in Santa Perpètua de la Moguda.


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